Maybe I’m Crazy But: NaNoWriMo Round 2!

As you probably know by now, I’m an overwhelmed college student.

Finals week is looming closer and I have a feeling my classes are going to get harder.

So naturally, I’ve committed to NaNoWriMo again.

What is NaNoWriMo?

You can find out all about National Novel Writing Month here.

But during November 2019, I also did NaNoWriMo and posted about it on my blog.

Last year, I won NaNo in 22 days and ended up writing a grand total of 73,005 words, finishing my third ever novel in a single month. You can read all about last year’s book, The Omega, by clicking the “Writing Projects” tab at the top or following this link.

As a brief recap, during NaNoWriMo I…

  • Will write 50,000 words, which is the equivalent of one book
  • Will win a whole bunch of writerly goodies (like discounts to online writing resources and such)
  • Will complete my fourth ever novel

What’s My Book This Time?

I wish I could give you a title or a coherent synopsis.

I like to think of my story concept as a psychotic fever dream set in a futuristic dystopian age where the entire world population has been destroyed by nuclear and biological warfare and serves as a commentary and criticism of classism. This “utopian” society believes they have found a perfect source of energy to sustain their new lifestyle, but their energy source is not as great or ethical as they want it to be…

This story was born out of weeks of going back and forth about whether I should even attempt NaNoWriMo.

I contracted a friend to help me get this premise straight, and spent a loooong FaceTime call explaining my idea and brainstorming. And then she read the plot summary and helped me fill in some holes.

This story idea is not perfect. It is not as fleshed out or vivid as last year’s. But I’m hopeful that I will still write the beginnings of an impactful story, even if I have to do fourteen rounds of edits just to force the draft into coherency.

Weren’t You Writing A Different Book, Though?

Good point, Erin.

Yes, I am still in the middle of my first draft of The All-Knowing (you can read about this one here). (Ya know, the book I was supposed to finish last summer.)

The All-Knowing, while a fun little story, is being put to the side for now. In December, I’ll return to it and finish off the last few chapters.

And who knows, maybe November will be kind to me and I’ll be able to write both novels simultaneously.

And What About the Paper Trail?

Not to layer on another level of irony for last week’s post about consistency, but I don’t have plans to post on here for the month of November.

If you see posts coming into your inbox, there are likely two reasons:

  1. I’m updating you on my word count, like I did last year. But who knows if my brain capacity will be able to form enough words for me to do that on top of writing my book and doing schoolwork.
  2. I’ve given up and I’ve returned to regularly scheduled posting.

If the second option happens, that’s not necessarily a bad thing. I have no way of telling whether NaNoWriMo is actually a good decision for this season of my life. If, by 10,000 words, I feel completely overwhelmed, stressed, and ready to cry because of something small like my laundry not drying in the dryer again, then I’ll probably put my NaNoWriMo goal to rest.

That’s not to say this book will cease to exist. I’ll continue to write it, and may try a Camp NaNoWriMo event during April or July to finish it off. And hopefully at some point, I’ll come up with an actual title and solid synopsis to share with you all.

What I Need From You

Writing a book sometimes feels like a solo quest. But it shouldn’t be.

NaNoWriMo is crazy and scary and a lot of fun, and I would love it if you could drop words of encouragement into the comments whenever I post during the month of November.

I’m afraid, more so than last year, that I’ll lose my motivation or excitement. There’s a difference between giving up because of mental health reasons and giving up because of writer’s block.

I don’t want to give up because of writer’s block. If there are people out there who are rooting for me, then the words I peel out of my brain and onto the page everyday won’t feel so impossible or fruitless. Even if my book goes horribly and the plotline is the most problematic one I’ve ever dreamed up, I still want to grow as a writer this November, and I need your support to do it.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments about this crazy new venture I may or may not need in my life right now. Any time management tips or stories of a time when you did something hard but rewarding?

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