Pre-The Paper Trail: Who Influenced Me First?

The purpose of The Paper Trail is to develop a proof of life trail, depicting where I’ve been and where I’m going. I love how I’ve developed over the last couple years, but I think this trail would be incomplete if I didn’t address how I developed before starting this blog.

These articles are about my influences – the events, people, and interests that led me to my current stage of life. I hope while perusing these posts you’ll learn a little bit more about me and maybe start considering your own pre-trail before you started keeping track of your own self-development too.

4 Books That Highly Influenced My Writing

Today, I’m starting something new (and maybe a little strange). After every season, I write a review of what happened during that period of time – accomplishments, events, goals for the next season. It’s a mini update on my life and a measurement of self-growth. After all, calling this blog “The Paper Trail” has a…

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The 5 Most Influential Quotes I’ve Read and Heard

Inspirational quotes used to be my favorite thing in the world. They still are… I just don’t purposely look them up now. In my darkest times, I would look for words of light. Really anything that could help me grasp who I was and what I was here for. While my Pinterest board full of…

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Why Am I Obsessed With Books, Anyways?

Ya’ll, I have a not-so-secret confession: Sometimes, I buy books (bags and bags full of books) knowing I probably won’t get around to reading them for five or six years. Five. Or. Six. Years. Yes, my To-Be-Read (TBR) stack is getting a little bit out of hand. Yes, the number of books I own that…

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Top Five Best Books On My Shelf, Ranked

Welcome back to another “Influences” post where I discuss things that molded me into the person I am today. I’ve written about influential books before, including the books that made me want to become a writer and an essay about my book collecting. But today, I want to go beyond a simple discussion of books.…

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