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The Paper Trail

"'What if I fall?' Oh but my darling, what if you fly?" ~ Erin Hanson

Here on The Paper Trail, I try to keep things honest and authentic. You’ll find a variety of articles about psychology, reading, and writing with the occasional reflection on how my life is going. My goal is to blog about topics that are currently impacting my life, with the hope that in five years, I’ll have my very own “paper trail” showing how I’ve become the person I am. Ideally, I’ll also have achieved all my goals and dreams by then and we’ll have loads of celebrating to do.

But most importantly, if you join in on my paper trail, I hope you’ll learn a little something about yourself too.

To get started, click the “About Me” tab to learn a little more about how this blog came to be. Then hop over to the “Blog” tab to read my articles – there’s (usually) a new one every Monday.

If you’d like to support me, an aspiring writer on her journey toward achieving her ultimate dream of becoming a published author, check out the “Writing Projects” tab to hear about my latest writerly pursuits. And if you’re really feeling supportive, I would really love if you’d join me on this writing journey further by signing up for my email list (and if you want more details, look at the “Subscribe!” tab for a more thorough explanation of why an email list matters).

If you’ve been around The Paper Trail for awhile, welcome to my brand new website format. I hope you find it a little easier to navigate. And if you’re new, lucky you – you never had to deal with my previous two clunky, frustrating website themes (but please excuse the still awful ad placements – I can’t control those. Trust me… I’ve tried).

That’s all for now. Happy reading!