Writer’s Burnout (& Life Burnout?)

One of the key tenets of a stable writer is being able to write consistently. But there’s a fine balance between inspiration and discipline that is hard to get right.

For instance, how do you tell the difference between low motivation and writer’s block? What about lack of inspiration and lack of commitment? Poor self-discipline and burnout?

I’m approaching this topic from a writing perspective, but I know every field has this moment. Whether you’re an engineer or doing laundry in your basement, sometimes we just feel burned out.

No more interest. No more willpower. Unable to finish the task, and becoming frustrated with this seemingly unproductive mindset.

Over the last few months, I’ve been slowly descending into writer’s burnout. And my pursuit of consistency helped speed up that process.

If you haven’t noticed (but you probably have), I missed posting on a lot of Mondays. I’m averaging three posts per month, and there are two reasons for it: 1) I run out of ideas because my life feels boring, and 2) I can’t muster up the motivation to write anyways.

As someone who mainly blogs about perspective, productivity, and passion, this is kind of a problematic situation to be in. If I’m not living what I write about… then why am I writing about it?

To be honest, over the past month or so, my love of writing has plummeted. Like, to the point of me almost giving up entirely. Seven years of writing almost down the drain because I didn’t feel good enough compared to those around me.

It took me awhile to accept what everyone was telling me: take a break.

Take a break.

Be honest, is it in our natures to take a break?

Not in a world that requires accomplishments and production constantly. Not when we feel like we’re always catching up in a race we didn’t even sign up for. Not when taking a break feels less productive, and thus less valuable, than pushing through.

Of course, there are some times when pushing through is necessary. If you work at a boring job, you probably need to continue to push through so you can get a paycheck and pay your bills (at least until you find another job). If you’re tired of your kids, you can’t just drop them off at the next family (at least, not permanently).

But when it’s possible to take temporary breaks, we should.

So that’s what I’m going to do for the next two weeks. You won’t be seeing any posts from me, but I’ll be back on March 15th with new (and hopefully more consistent) content.

In the meantime, perhaps it’d be fun to peruse some of my favorite posts – and leave comments on them to let me know what you think!

Here’s where it all started: “Why I Don’t Spend Time On Things That I’m Not Passionate About”.

In a very on-brand manner, I started this blog off as intensely as possible, and though my writing style has changed a tad, I still believe in those ideas and hope to reframe my mindset back towards that in the coming weeks.

I also like “I Can’t Win Them All”, another older blog post. Failure isn’t the end of everything, but a learning opportunity. And in my current situation, pretending I’ve reached the all-ending failure point is not only destructive, but a lie.

If you or someone you know is feeling overwhelmed and anxious (especially since this pandemic won’t take a hint and die), it may be helpful to read “How to Understand Your Socially Anxious Friend”. Mustering up some empathy and understanding for each other during this difficult season is probably the best thing we can do, especially after being isolated for so long.

And since we’re still in this pandemic, and it’s more important than ever to care for each other, “What Does Love Require of Me” may be another post to check out. Loving other people is a guiding principle of mine, and I hope you can adopt that too.

Just to lighten things up, here’s a post from last January about my cats Annie and Hallie: “My Kitty Cats.” There’s like a dozen cute cat photos on there, so if you need to destress, I’d recommend this one!

And so we don’t entirely forget about 2020 (and maybe so we have a chance to make fun of it further), you should also check out “A Series of Unfortunate Mishaps”*and “If 2020 Were a Netflix Original TV Show”.

I’ll see ya’ll soon!

*Though I would like to add that the series of unfortunate mishaps saga continues. I’ll never get that Scotland and Ireland trip… and I’ll also never get my money back :/