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Subscribing can be confusing. What does it mean to follow The Paper Trail? What’s this “email list” I keep hearing about? Are they different? Here’s your one-stop FAQ with allll the answers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is following The Paper Trail different than subscribing to The Paper Trail email list?


Following The Paper Trail means you will get an email every time I post new content. Usually, this means you’ll get an email from WordPress every Monday with a preview of the newest blog post plus a link to view the post on my website.

Subscribing to The Paper Trail email list means you will receive direct and exclusive content straight to your inbox all about my writing journey. This could include updates about publications (eg. if I publish a short story or article somewhere other than this blog), my novels (eg. if I’m publishing a book, if I have an official cover to reveal, etc.), and other writer friends (eg. if I participate in someone else’s cover reveal, etc.). You might also get free stuff (right now, I’m sending a free short story to anyone who subscribes to my email list).

If I follow The Paper Trail, will I automatically be subscribed to the email list?

Unfortunately, at this time, following The Paper Trail and subscribing to the email list are different things.

That means, if you want to subscribe to both, you will need to put your email in twice:

  1. Once in the “Follow The Paper Trail” box
  2. Once in the “subscribe to my email list” link.

What will you do with my email information?

Nothing but give you email updates.

If you sign up to follow The Paper Trail, you will only receive emails from WordPress informing you that I have published another post.

If you subscribe to my email list, you will only receive emails from me about exciting news pertaining to my writing journey (eg. a book deal, getting a short story published, etc.)

I won’t misuse your information in any way. No one else will have access to your email address and I won’t spam your account.

How often will I receive emails?

If you decide to follow The Paper Trail, you will get an email every time I post something new. Usually, this means you’ll get an email from WordPress every Monday, but sometimes, I might post on another day. No matter what, you will only receive emails when I post.

If you decide to subscribe to my email list, you will get an email whenever I have something important to say. This depends on how much news I have to share. For now, you can expect to hear from me no more than once every three months. More realistically, you might hear from me twice a year.

Why should I follow The Paper Trail and/or subscribe to the email list?

If you like blogs or just want to support a young writer, following The Paper Trail is perfect. You won’t miss any new posts and you’ll stay up-to-date on all the latest happenings in my life.

If you want to support an aspiring writer even further, subscribing to my email list is probably the best way you can support me. Email lists are one of the most important platforming tools writers, artists, musicians, and any other creator uses. A growing and thriving email list is central to my future career as a writer.

An email list allows the creator (me) to directly reach her audience (you), offering exclusive insights into the creative process, immediate news on any exciting updates, and a personal connection (eg. you can respond to each email directly to tell me what you think).

Signing up for both The Paper Trail and the email list is a great way to support me on my journey toward becoming a successful author. It allows you to stay up-to-date on all the happenings in my writing world and gives me the opportunity to get to know you!

Why should I follow your bookstagram?

Because it’ll be fun!

But seriously, it’s becoming more and more important to have a social media presence as a developing author. If you want to help me pursue my dreams and love bookish content, I really encourage you to follow my Instagram. Plus, then we’ll be able to talk about books together!

What if I have another question?

If I didn’t answer your question here, feel free to contact me directly. You can leave a question in the “contact” form on the menu bar or below.