Here, you’ll find a list of every “In Review” post I’ve ever written, starting with a recap post about my first couple months of blogging back in 2019!

Summer in Review

Pa·per Trail noun “a series of documents providing written evidence of a sequence of events or the activities of a person or organization.” In five or ten years, I should be able to look back and see where I started…

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NaNoWriMo In Review

So, it’s December 2nd, and my crazy writing challenge has come to an end. Man, did November go fast! My final word count was 73,005 words, which finished off my novel in a mere 29 days. Today, however, I want…

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A Semester (and Year) In Review

So we’re finally heading towards the end of 2020 (cue celebratory music). Merry belated Christmas if you celebrate Christmas. Happy Holidays if you celebrate something else. I hope that the last few weeks of 2020 have been good to you.…

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A Freshman Year In Review

It’s that special time, once again, when I reflect on everything that’s happened in my life recently. Today, it’s the second semester of my freshman year of college. My first semester of college was… interesting. And if you recall, I…

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A Summer in Review: 2021 Edition

It’s that time again, folks. Another season gone. Another reflection due. Another post where I scramble to find actually meaningful things to share about how I spent my time. But let’s back up for a second. What is a paper…

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Welcoming 2022 With Glee

And once again… it is the last day of the year. Goodbye 2021, forever. I think we were all more excited last year when we got to kiss 2020 goodbye. In case you want a refresher on 2020, the “nonstop…

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